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8 tips to prepare for Patagonia

1. Weather tracker- Use to look at the weather predictions in Torres del Paine National park

2. Bring layers! Check out our blog post about packing for the W

3. Stay dry- Don't forget to pack waterproof jacket and waterproof boots

4. Bring your best camera- It's worth it!

5. Sunscreen- the sun is very strong here in Patagonia. Protect your skin by applying sunscreen multiple times throughout the day

6. Refillable water bottle- Bring a refillable water bottle with you. There is fresh potable water along the trails.

7. Break your shoes in... before you arrive! We recommend walking for at least 30 miles in your hiking boots on flat ground and then walking up a steep hill for 20-30 minutes to see if you have hot spots. This will be good to know before you start hiking in Patagonia.

8. Trekking Poles- even the most avid trekkers come to Patagonia never having used hiking poles. We highly recommend it here. We provide poles for all day treks.

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