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5 Days & 4 Nights

     The 'W' trek is the name given to the W shaped beaten track that interlinks the 3 Granite Paine Towers, the French Valley, and the Grey Glacier.  The trek is approximately 70 kilometers (43 miles) in total distance and is one of the most scenic treks in the world.

     The W Alternative  program is a popular  option for those you wants to have a more relax and less demanding adventure program.  This is ideal for those on honeymoon, a family vacation or those that wants to have a less demanding nature adventure,  and yet you will still be able to see the main highlights of the W trail,  mainly,  the Base of the tower,  French Valley and the Grey Glacier.   And during this challenging time,  we value highly your privacy, personal safety and we want to make sure that your adventure is smooth and hassle free.  For this program,  we offer a premium version  where  all your trek will be private  with the same guide/driver accompanying you  and your meals can be served directly to your Dome or Cabin when in Puerto Natales and we can set up a table for a private dining when you are staying at our Tiny House.  This ability to give you a more private, intimate and safer atmosphere is what makes our program unique and ideal for todays vacation trend.  


     Our reservation's team will be intially assisting you in understanding your program and will guide you in your plans.   We will then be advising you in your logistical and physical preparations.  And when you finally arrive here, in Puerto Natales,  our Garden Domes hotel team will host you and provide trek briefings.  The next day, our  Chiletour team of  guides and drivers will be assisting you on your first day as you get to know Torres del Paine for the first time.

    Our many years of accumulated experience, wisdom and energy, our local team's knowledge of the land  and our nature inspired boutique hotel facility, are just some of the reasons why it is worth while doing this most famous trek and adventure of a lifetime with us! 

What Our Program Includes

  • Two (2) nights stay in Puerto Natales at Garden Domes in either the Dome or Cabin accomodation (based on double occupancy)

  • Three (3) days tour and two (2) nights in the Tiny House at Torres del Paine National Park

  1. Base of the Tower Trek or a light trekking equivalent (group tour).  A trekking guide for the first day of the trek to the base of the towers

  2. Fullday Paine Day Tour (private  day tour).  With guide and private transfer

  3. Grey Glacier Boat Tour​ - With private transfer 

  • Trek briefing with welcome dinner  and drinks 

  • Pizza night, on your last night with us at Garden Domes   

  • Breakfast (american), boxed lunch, and dinner (3 courses) each day during your saty with us.

  • Chiletour private van transfer into the park and ferry ticket 

  • Day pack and trekking poles for the first day of trekking and free luggage storage at Garden Domes in Puerto Natales

  • Regular bus connections from Puerto Natales  to Punta Arenas


Day by Day



     Day 1:  Arrival Day

      Fly into either Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas or El Calafate (arrival at Calafate should be at least a day earlier). Bus Transfer to Puerto Natales. Welcome dinner & drinks followed by a W Trek briefing. Stay at Garden Domes.  You either stay in a Cabin room accomodation (double/twin room)  or in one of our luxury domes (depending on availability).

     Day 2: Private transfer to Torres del Paine National Park. Trek to Base Torres (18km, 7-8 hours trekking) with our tour guide and small group. After the hike you will be staying in our very own Tiny House Cabin.  You can join the group in the dining hall  or you can ask for a premium service where we will deliver the meals straight to your private cabin.

     Day 3:  Full day Paine tour.  This day  you will visit the popular viewpoints of the park, mainly the lake viewpoints and the wildlife viewpoints.  The latter consists of Laguna Amarga lagoon which is home to a small group of Chilean Flamingos and where you can view the Paine towers.  You will be visiting Rio Paine waterfalls and the area sorrounding it is home to thousand of Guanacos and their predator, the Puma. If time allows,  you can visit, as well,  Laguna Azul area where you might possibly see foxes, condors, rheas, armadillos, eagles, carancho etc..  The former, the lake viewpoints that you will be visiting are  Nordenskjold Lake lookout, Salto Grande Waterfalls, and the Salto Chico  and the boardwalk viewpoint of hotel Explora. Stop at Hosteria Pehoé of the lake's turquoise colored  waters, and then head to the Pehoe campsite for lunch.

Furthermore, short walks or longer hikes can be combined with this day tour but all depending on the weather condition and your physical stamina and interest this day.

     Day 4: Grey Glacier Boat Tour.  This 3 hours boat  journey highlights the Grey Glacier  area landscapes and the imposing Olguin mountain. This relaxing tour allows everyone to enjoy a unique mix of floral landscape, lush greenery and imposing mountains, the glacier blue ice wall and icebergs.  This night you either stay in a Cabin room accomodation (double/twin room)  or in one of our luxury domes (depending on availability).

     Day 5: Departure Day.  Regular bus transfer to Punta Arenas Airport.

This activity has a maximum of 6 participants, with private transport and guide. A premium, more private program is also available for an extra charge.


W Alternative Program Price:  $1,575.00 USD per person ​ (minimum of 2 persons)

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